It’s much easier learning languages as a family or with your friends when you have fun.

Choose your favourite workshops and enjoy them from the comfort of your home!
It’s always done in small groups and most importantly whilst having a good time.


The workshops

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Cooking  –  Video games  –  Cinema  –  Board games  –  Hike  –  Lessons  –  Etc.

Allow me to introduce you to one of my many workshops, designed for you to learn and discuss topics that match your interests. Cooking, cinema, walks, video games, board games… There is bound to be something you will enjoy doing with A2L and I offer you these in French, Spanish or English at home.

If you just wish to learn a language with one-to-one classes or in small groups, I also offer languages classes with the A2L special ingredient: a sunny disposition!

What happens if you can’t find any workshop that suits your needs? Simply tell me what you want and I will tailor a workshop exclusively for you. Who knows? Maybe it could become one of our most popular workshops!

To learn more, visit the “Workshops” section.

Where, when and how?


At home

Almost all the workshops I offer are available at home. You don’t even have to move, they come to you! This is how it works… I am in Pontoise and I can travel all over the region, especially in the Val d’Oise (95) and all its neighbouring departments. Depending on the distance, you may have to pay a additional fee which will be agreed in advance. You can book a workshop for any day at any moment: it’s your choice. This way when you make a booking, you just have to indicate the location, the date and the time that suits you.

Choose your day

Once your reservation is confirmed, all that’s left to do is sit back, relax and wait for your chosen day. I will bring all the necessary learning materials. With the exception of some workshops, you will not be required to provide anything. I encourage you to have a look at the workshops’ descriptions on the website. Finally, the workshop unfolds in high spirits: communicate in your target language throughout the activity. I will be there to assist and guide you but first and foremost, enjoy yourselves! At your discretion, moments captured during the workshops can be uploaded to the A2L website and / or Facebook page.

Our flagship workshop : La Cuisine


I offer small cooking classes in French, Spanish or English to uncover new gastronomy but most of all to have fun and taste fine pastries and dishes.

How does it work? It’s very simple: I provide the ingredients and most of the utensils. All I need are the household appliances and other things I can’t bring with me such as the oven, hotplates etc. But the most important of all is you!

A2L for pros

If you represent a school or a company, all the workshops I offer are available for your students or employees.